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How to Make Snacks Graceful Bread Without Eggs

Eggless Sweet Bread Cake Recipe. - Who doesn't like sweet bread, surely many who like this beautiful bread, besides bread can fill our stomachs, bread is also beneficial for our bodies, you know.

Bread This beauty is perfect when we consume it in our spare time, especially when we are weak, why is that, because when we eat good food that is where there is energy for our body, finally we can be excited :)

 Siapa yang tak suka dengan yang namanya roti manis Cara Menciptakan Camilan Anggun Roti Anggun Tanpa Telur
sweet bread

This beautiful bread is very special, you know, because this beautiful bread does not use eggs, because I want to maximize the existing ingredients, and this is made to anticipate when the price of eggs skyrockets.
If Umi has a good bread business, you can try it to add a variety of flavors in the bread. Well, you definitely want to know if you want to make it, yes, I'll share the recipe. Read also: Recipe for Making Betawi Typical Lodeh

Here's a secret collection of various creations and processed variations Recipe for Making Sweet Bread Cakes Without Eggs complete with how to make your own at home (Homemade) which is simple, easy and easy for your own consumption or for selling business struggles, various delicious snacks, delicious bread without eggs.

Sweet Bread Cake Recipe

Elegant bread cake ingredients without eggs
  • +- 500 cc of water
  • 100 gr chakra flour
  • 1 tbsp milk powder
  • 50 gr wet yeast
  • 250 gr sugar salt to taste
  • 125 gr butter

Simple Sweet Bread Cake Recipe

How to make an elegant breadsnack without eggs first, stir

  1. all the ingredients togetherfor 20 minutes or until soft
  2. or you can also use a stirringmachine and then cover the
  3. mixture that has become onewith plastic for about 30 minutes
  4. then shape the dough according to our taste or can also be made with animal models :)
  5. Wait for the dough for about45 minutes, when the bread
  6. mixture has risen, brushit with milk until smooth
  7. then grill in the machine at a temperature of approximately 170 degrees for approximately 12-15 minutes
  8. ready to be served.
Our recipe is not just that, if Umi is confused about how to make it like my method above, let's look at the recipe for making delicious bread snacks without eggs session 2, let's look at the following:

  • sugar 25 gr high
  • protein flour 250 gr
  • fermipan 1 tablespoon
  • bland boiled water to taste
  • butter 25 gr
  • breadcrumbs to taste

Steps to create the right egg-free elegant bread snack
  1. After everything is collected,mix all the ingredients
  2. such as wheat flour, then addwater, and knead until smooth
  3. mix the mixture with butter
  4. and salt, thenknead until elastic
  5. let stand the mixtureuntil everything has
  6. doubled in size dividethe mixture into 15 balls
  7. and fill each one with chicken
  8. Dip the bread mixture into the
  9. water and add itto the breadcrumbs
  10. then wrap until smooth and
  11. let stand until itexpands 2 times
  12. ready to be served with a happy and proud heart

How can you be challenged to make it, isn't it, this recipe is also very suitable if we want to provide lunch for our loved ones, or for our family.

Thereby Recipe for Making Sweet Bread Cakes Without Eggs hopefully it can be useful for all of us, until we meet again in recipes other, thank you.

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