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How to Make Good Snacks Dry Sago Sprinkled with Crunchy And Savory Sesame

International Menu - Back again with special recipes for you. After yesterday we created a dry sweet snack recipe that is often referred to by many as a syringe sweet snack, this time we will create dry sweets recipe which is no less interesting. In this recipe, we will create a recipe for a sweet sago snack with sesame seeds. As we know, dry sweets are very popular, especially during the holidays. Pastries with sweet snack letters that are more durable are an attractive choice for most people than serving cake which spoils much more quickly or does not last as long.

Sago cake although it is included in the category of dry sweets but has a soft texture, after the first bite the sweet snack will immediately melt in the mouth. This makes sago sweet snacks a prima donna dish when the holidays arrive. In practice, sago sweets also experience development and variety, although not too much. Like the recipe that we are going to make this time, it is a simple variation of the sweet sago snack, which is the sago snack with sesame sprinkles. Sago cake with a sprinkling of sesame will slightly enhance the appearance of the sago sweet snack although the taste will remain the same.

For those of you who want to create your own sago sweets at home to entertain your guests on holidays or just to snack while studying or watching TV it's a good idea to follow the recipe that we will share this time. Although this sweet snack has been sold in many cake shops, making your own will be more satisfying as well as showing the experience of making cakes. Who knows your sweet snacks are in demand by your neighbors, can be a source of income too, right? So, for that, let's take a look at the recipe here How to Make Crispy and Savory Sesame Sprinkled Sago Cookies the following.

 Setelah kemarin kita menciptakan resep kudapan manis kering yang sering disebut banyak or Cara Menciptakan Camilan Bagus Kering Sagu Tabur Wijen Renyah Dan Gurih

Ingredients :
  • 400 grams of starch (roasted)
  • 80 grams of butter
  • 80 grams of margarine
  • 200 grams of powdered sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 6 tablespoons evaporated milk
  • 1 teaspoon mocha paste
  • 30 grams of sesame seeds
How to Make Crispy and Savory Sesame Sprinkled Sago Cookies:
  1. Beat the butter together with the margarine and powdered sugar until the sugar dissolves in the mixture. Add the eggs and beat again until smooth. Also add the starch, evaporated milk and mocha paste, stir again until evenly distributed.
  2. Enter the sweet snack dough into a plastic triangle, cut the ends of the plastic, then press and spray the snack dough onto a baking sheet that has been smeared with margarine. Sprinkle the surface of the dough with sesame seeds. Then bake the sweets using a grill with a temperature of 160C, wait for 20 minutes. If it feels cooked enough, remove the pan, then allow the sweets to cool, then store the finished sweets in jars.
Now, we have made the final sago, sprinkled sesame sweet snack. The sweet snack ingredients provided in the recipe above are enough to make as many sweets as 650 grams . Good luck and keep being creative.

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