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How to Make Good Snacks Dry Coconut Cookies Special Christmas

0 - The month of December has arrived, approaching the holiday is always synonymous with various kinds of cakes, both juicy snacks and dry good snacks. Various shapes and flavors of good snacks in glass jars decorate the guest table and are ready to be invaded by children and guests who come. Well, that's the view we often see when the holidays come, gathering with family and busy getting guests. Among the delicious cakes, maybe the good snacks that we will make this time will also be able to attract your interest to be served on the holidays later.

Pastry which we will make in the form of a recipe this time is unique and can also attract attention, its unique and crunchy taste by the combination of good snack ingredients and the savory coconut is so tempting. The name is Coconut Cookies, the method of making it is very easy and the ingredients to make it are also very easy to find around you. It can be at a cake ingredient store, or even at your subscription stalls. But of course you don't want the taste of the good snacks you make to disappoint, right? Well, while there are still a few weeks before the holiday, it's a good idea to try from now on to get good snacks that are delicious and savory.

Ok, without further ado, for those of you who can't wait to make good snacks Special on the holidays, just take a look and follow every step to produce good snacks that you really expect. And here's a special recipe for you How to Make Christmas Special Coconut Cookies Cookies, good luck, good luck.

 mendekati hari raya memang selalu identik dengan banyak sekali macam kue Cara Menciptakan Camilan Bagus Kering Coconut Cookies Istimewa Natal

Ingredients :
  • 300 grams of wheat flour
  • 200 grams of margarine
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 130 grams of refined white sugar
  • 100 grams of desiccated coconut (mashed)
Decoration material:
  • 3 drops good light food coloring (to taste)
  • 150 grams white cooking chocolate (melted)
How to Make Christmas Special Coconut Cookies Cookies:
  1. Prepare a bowl then add margarine and powdered sugar, then beat until well blended. Then add the egg yolks while still beating until smooth. Enter the dried coconut that has been mashed and flour while sifted, stir again until all the ingredients are well mixed.
  2. Flatten the finished mixture, then make any shape you want with the good dry snack molds. Put the mixture on a baking sheet that has been smeared with margarine, then bake it using a grill at a temperature of 160 0 C for 20 minutes. If that's enough, remove the good snacks from the grill and let them cool for a while.
  3. Decorate good snacks: take a third part of white chocolate, add good snack coloring you like then stir until blended. Dip one surface of the nice snack in the white chocolate. Make a dot using a brown and colored one in the middle, then draw a line towards the edge using a toothpick or something. Let stand until frozen. Then store it in a jar to keep it crispy and tasty.
Well it's very easy and simple isn't it? The good snack ingredients above will make a good snack of 735 grams. Good luck and keep being creative.

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