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How to make a good snack with steamed soft and sweet layer of steamed legit

International Menu - Have you tried the existing recipes? Well, this time, we're back with a delicious snack recipe that's so legit when you eat it, it's just as the name implies, a delicious layer of legit snack. This cake belongs to the category cake . The soft texture and sweet taste of this graceful snack makes the connoisseurs addicted to the taste. This cake is actually very easy to make, it just takes a lot of patience. This cake when we look at it in the form of thin layers, now that's what tests our patience in making it.

This cake in addition to its elegant taste and soft texture when chewed also has a very fragrant aroma. The fragrant aroma can arouse the taste buds to enjoy it immediately. Now for those of you who can't wait to make this sweet and soft sweet snack, here is the recipe for Making Soft and Sweet Lapis Legit Wet Cake. Can't wait to create your favorite graceful snack? Let's take a look at this delicious snack recipe.

Steamed Legit Lapis Cake Ingredients (for 6 pans):
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 3 tbsp cake softener and emulsifier
  • 30 eggs (take the yolk only)
  • 60 gr cocoa powder, finely sieved for sprinkling
  • 120 gr cornstarch or corn flour
  • 2 tablespoons of Spekoek seasoning
  • 150 grams of brown sugar (sugar from coconut/palm trees)
  • 180 ml liquid milk
  • 450 gr margarine, melted
  • 600 gr cane sugar/sugar
  • 600 gr medium protein flour
 Nah kali ini kembali dengan resep camilan anggun yang begitu legit di pengecap ketika mem Cara Menciptakan Camilan Bagus Berair Lapis Legit Kukus Lembut Dan Manis

How to Make Soft and Sweet Steamed Legit Lapis Wet Cake:

  • Whisk the egg mixture, emulsifier, brown sugar, and sugar in a bowl until it expands completely.
  • Add the Spekoek seasoning flour, cornstarch, and flour while sifting finely and stirring evenly.
  • Gradually add the melted margarine, liquid milk, and salt while stirring slowly.
  • Prepare a square tin measuring 24 cm x 10 cm x 7 cm, previously greased with margarine on the surface and put the parchment paper on it. Take about 60gr of Keu Lapis Legit dough, put it in the pan. Steam over medium heat for about 5 minutes, sprinkle with cocoa powder by sifting thinly over the first layer.
  • Take again about 60gr of cake batter, pour it over the dough that has been previously coated with cocoa powder, then steam over medium heat for about 5 minutes. Cover again with cocoa powder by sifting thinly over the second layer. Do it repeatedly alternating for the next layer until the dough for the delicious lapis legit snack has been used up.
  • Finishing, steam the dough over medium heat in a baking dish for 10 minutes.
Now, we have made the final steamed lapis legit elegant snack, good luck and be creative.

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