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How To Make Beautiful Snacks Leker Dry And Moist Crispy Crunchy Crepes

International Menu - The recipe for this market snack is Kue Leker, this time we will make two versions of Kue Leker, Kue Leker Crispy Crispy Crispy Crispy and Kue Leker Wet Crispy Crepes. Each delicious snack leker has its own fans. If you like light snacks with a crunchy texture and crunchy texture, then you can make a light dish with dry leker. Meanwhile, if you like delicious snacks that have a soft texture, then soft, juicy, soft snacks are your choice.

The name of the delicious snack leker is actually an absorption from the Dutch language which means delicious. It's true that the delicious leker snacks do have a delicious and steady taste, both dry leker and wet leker. The process for making this delicious leker snack is very, very easy, the process of making it is like making sweet moonshine or sweet martabak, with thinner results.

Leker cakes in subsequent developments are not only sold by traveling graceful snack vendors, now these delicious elegant snacks are also commonly found in malls, of course with more diverse flavors. So, are you interested in creating your own delicious light dish of leker crepes? Here's How to Make Crispy Crispy Wet and Dry Crepes Leker Cake for you.

Dried Crepes Leker Cake Recipe

Ingredients :
  • 150 gr wheat flour
  • 50 gr tapioca flour
  • 200 gr rice flour
  • 500 ml Liquid Milk
  • 2 teaspoons Vanilla Powder
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 2 tablespoons Butter, melted
  • 2 teaspoons Baking powder
 Resep jajanan pasar kali ini ialah Kue Leker Cara Menciptakan Camilan Cantik Leker Crepes Kering Dan Lembap Crispy Renyah

How to Make Crispy Crunchy Dry Crepes Leker Cake:
  1. Combine rice flour, wheat flour, tapioca flour / starch, vanilla powder, and baking powder, stir until smooth and set aside
  2. Prepare a different container, mix all the liquid light ingredients (liquid milk, eggs, melted margarine/butter), stir until smooth.
  3. Mix the two separate ingredients in a bowl and while stirring until smooth, smooth and not lumpy.
  4. Take 1 tablespoon of dough, pour it into a slightly flat non-stick / Teflon skillet and cook the dough until it's cooked, wait until the dough becomes dry and looks crispy, lift the light dish elegantly then sprinkle with the filling according to taste.
  5. Serve while warm.

Wet Crepes Leker Cake Recipe

 Resep jajanan pasar kali ini ialah Kue Leker Cara Menciptakan Camilan Cantik Leker Crepes Kering Dan Lembap Crispy Renyah

Crunchy Wet Crepes Leker Cake Ingredients:
  • 2 cups liquid milk
  • 2 cups Wheat flour
  • 4 tablespoons Butter, melted
  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • 4 tablespoons of sugar
  • Salt eat enough
How to Make Crunchy Wet Crepes Leker Cake:
  1. Mix eggs, sugar, melted butter and liquid milk until completely blended.
  2. Add flour. Mix well.
  3. Take the dough about 1 tablespoon of vegetables, pour and spread evenly in a non-stick omelette pan. Wait until the bottom is browned (remember not too dry and brown), sprinkle with the filling according to taste. Then fold according to taste.
  4. Remove the light dishes and serve while warm.
Tips for producing a good and decent Leker Cake, both dry and watery:
  • Stir the dough as needed until the dough is ready to be cooked, if it is too long the dough will be too dense and tough so it is difficult to spread thin / spread.
  • Use regular or granulated sugar to make the crepes. Use sugar with the right composition or dose, because if you use too much sugar, the crepes will burn easily.
  • If you want the crepes skin to be textured or not smooth, before pouring into Teflon, grease the surface of the Teflon with a little margarine, and use more eggs than the material above.
  • If you want the skin of the crepes to be smooth and even without texture, use non-stick Teflon without being smeared with margarine. The trick, before the dough is poured, heat the Teflon until it is evenly heated over low heat.
  • Use plain water, coconut milk, liquid milk, or fruit juice to dilute the dough. If you use more water, the dough will be thinner and lighter. And if you use liquid milk, it will produce a softer dough.
  • The runny dough produces crispy and crispy crepes skin.
Good luck and be creative.

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