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How to Create a Simple Dry Chocolate Raisin Elegant Snack For Hari Raya


Ahead of the holiday which will soon come, housewives may be confused in determining what kind of elegant snacks will be served to guests. Well, on this occasion, while there is still plenty of time to learn and try, you can also create the recipes on this simple blog according to your respective dreams. For example, you want to create cashew nut cake which was posted some time ago but the cashews to be made do not exist, maybe you can replace them with other types of nuts. All the recipes that you can create your own according to taste.

Well this time I will share a recipe that is always presented in a simple and easy to follow. And the special recipe this time is still about dry elegant snacks for the preparation of the holiday which will be outlined in the recipe for How to Make Simple Chocolate Raisin Cookies for the following Hari Raya.

 Datang kembali dengan resep masakan ringan anggun kering yang tentunya masing Cara Menciptakan Camilan Anggun Kering Coklat Kismis Sederhana Untuk Hari Raya

Ingredients :
  • 100 grams of butter
  • 100 grams of margarine
  • 150 grams of powdered sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 250 grams of wheat flour with low protein content
  • 30 grams of brown dust
  • 40 grams of milk dust
  • 120 grams of raisins (chopped)
Materials for decoration:
  • 100 grams white cooking chocolate (melted)
How to Make Simple Raisin Chocolate Cookies for Hari Raya:
  1. Beat butter with margarine and powdered sugar until all ingredients are well mixed. Add the eggs and beat again until smooth. Add the flour, chocolate dust and milk dust while sifting, then stir again until well blended. Finally add the raisins and stir again until blended.
  2. Take enough mixture, make a circle shape from the mixture. Place the shaped mixture into a baking sheet that has been previously greased with margarine. Bake the mixture using a grill with a temperature of 170 0 C for about 20 minutes. Then remove and cool.
  3. Prepare a plastic triangle, put the melted white chocolate, cut a little at the end then make a circular line on the surface of the light dish without breaking. let the chocolate freeze. Store elegant snacks in airtight jars.
It's done and ready to be enjoyed. The above ingredients produce 500 grams of elegant snacks. Good luck and be creative.

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