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How to Create Beautiful Snacks of Sweet Purple Sweet Potato Klepon

International Menu - Klepon Cake ie traditional cake which is often encountered in traditional markets, street food areas, or peddled around. The main ingredients of this klepon sweet snack can be from sweet potatoes or glutinous rice flour. The soft texture of the sweet snack on the outside with the sweet brown sugar filling always makes the taste buds don't want to stop swaying when enjoying one of these traditional sweet snacks. A sprinkling of grated coconut on the surface of the klepon sweet snack will also offer a savory taste for the klepon sweet snack itself.

Until now, you can still enjoy klepon sweet snacks and find them in traditional markets as market snacks that are timeless, and don't back down from being attacked by increasingly powerful manufactured food products. If you are a lover of this one market snack, we will give you the recipe, hopefully this klepon sweet snack will continue to be sustainable.

So, for those who want to try to make it, here's a recipe for how to make Legit Sweet Purple Sweet Potato Klepon Cake. Let's start with the recipe.

 Bahan utama dari makanan ringan manis klepon ini dapat dari ubi maupun tepung ketan Cara Menciptakan Camilan Cantik Klepon Ubi Ungu Legit Manis

Klepon Cake Ingredients:
  • 100 grams of Glutinous Flour
  • 250 grams of purple sweet potato
  • 50 grams of Java/Brown Sugar
  • 75 cc of warm water
  • Salt to taste
  • 100 grams Grated Coconut + salt (steamed for sprinkling)
How to make sweet snacks klepon Purple Sweet Potatoes Legit Sweet:
  1. Steam the purple sweet potato after it is cooked then mash it.
  2. Mix the sweet potato that has been smooth with the glutinous rice flour then add the warm water, stir until evenly distributed until the dough becomes soft and smooth.
  3. Take enough dough, then fill the klepon dough with brown sugar, then form a round about the size of a ping pong ball until no dough remains.
  4. Heat the water until it boils, put the dough for the klepon sweet snacks that have been made into the boiling water, until the klepon sweet snacks float and are cooked.
  5. Remove the sweet klepon snacks from the pan, then drain, then set aside.
  6. As a dough for sweet klepon snacks, grated coconut is first steamed and added with salt until cooked, then removed.
  7. The klepon cake that has been drained is then put in and kneaded in the steamed grated coconut. Klepon cake is ready to be served.
  8. If it is expected to decorate sweet klepon snacks, hopefully they will look more beautiful and appetizing.
Good luck and be creative.

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